Monday, July 5, 2010

I am the Temple

Hello my dear readers,

I have always been a believer that cock is a gift and something we should worship. Now first off, i am a well hung man, or so i am told. by the time i was 16, i had a 7 inch cock. So i always have thought that big cocks are important to cock worship. And, the other night, i had a dream. In this dream i was in a heavenly place and i was completely nude. And suddenly my cock rose, and a light came forth. I was told that i was blessed and that my cock is now a temple for worship. i suddenly woke up, and without even touching my cock, experienced the most intense orgasm i have ever felt. and now my cock throbs harder and as i fucked last night, feels more powerful. So all of you who worship cock, speak to me, for i know the true way. Also feel free to leave any thoughts or comments.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alright the results are in…… Brian Krause and Drew Fuller it is

Brian Krause was sitting on the bed. I couldn’t believe it. As a kid, I had always fantasized about him while he was on Charmed. And now I was going to have sex with him. I turned to shut the door, but another man reached out and shut it for me. I recognized him as Drew Fuller, Brian Krause’s TV son on Charmed. He quickly moved towards me. He put a gag in my mouth and stripped me of my clothes. I was already rock hard, and he noticed. His hand stayed on my cock for what seemed like forever. He grabbed me, completely nude, and pushed me towards the back of the room. There was another door there, leading to the parking lot. He looked to check to see if there was anyone, and then led me out, Brian coming fast behind him. They pushed me into a black Escalade, and started to drive away. Then, something was placed against my mouth and I feel into a deep sleep.

I woke up in a huge place. It looked to be a penthouse apartment. I looked around. Everything was about penises. There were penis sculptures, the rug was in the shape of a penis, and one whole wall was covered with two larger-than-life pictures of Brian and Drew completely nude. I heard moaning coming from a room down the hall and went to investigate.

On the way I looked at the pictures on the wall. Each one was a picture of either Drew or Brian fucking someone, male or female. I recognized some as celebrities, and some were not familiar to me at all. As I looked at them, the moaning got louder and louder. I entered into the bathroom and saw Brian and Drew in a large bathtub filled with rose petals and bubbles. Drew was sucking one of Brian’s nipples, causing him to moan in ecstasy. Brian saw me and pulled Drew off of him. He stood up, showing his 9 inch boner, and said “Get in here, now so I can fuck that pretty ass”

So what do you think so far? Please I want to hear from you. MY EMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED. It is now Please email me there. Thanks, my beautiful fans. Keep those cocks hard.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Story

Hello my little fans,

I have a new story for you. But, I want to have your input on this one. I want to know who I should put in the story. The options are:

Brian Krause and Drew Fuller
Chris Meloni and David Boreneaz
Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway

email me at and let me know. I need to hear before i post. deadline is April 6th


Adventures of a Hollywood Hooker

I work in Los Angeles. I never really had a mind for school and lacked the ambition to do manual work. But, in high school, I had a reputation for being the best fucker in the whole school. Girl or guy, it didn’t matter to me, as long as they were hot and willing to screw. So, as I grew up and the adults in my life asked me what I wanted to do, I decided that I would strip for a living. But I couldn’t tell them that. So, under the guise of being an actor in Hollywood, I left to become a stripper.

Two months later, I was unhappy. My career was not as fun as I thought, but there was no way to turn back now. I was leaving the club one night when I struck up a conversation with one of the other strippers. He told me bout this business he knew called Hollywood Hotties that provided a male sex partner for a rich man. He told me about the pay, which was much better than what I was making now, and invited me to join the group. I accepted, and he told me I would get a call when my time had come to work. I would be waiting, anxiously for the call.

About a week later, I got the call. I was to go to a local motel and enter room eight. I did as I was told, and walked into complete darkness. I could make out the silhouette of a naked man on the bed. I closed the door and he turned the light on. What I saw took my breath away.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Any ideas? e-mail me @ with ideas. thx

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some of My FAVORITE Men

Most of these are fakes but some are real. Thank the artists they r awesome!!!!!

My First Story - E-Mail me with a new idea or so i can publish one of your stories


I’ll start at the beginning. My first gay experience. I was eighteen. I went to an all boys, Catholic high school. We had a teacher from down south. We all made fun of his accent, but secretly I was in love with him. He was barely an adult and worked out in the weight room with us. He would even join us in the shower, so I had seen his naked body a couple of times. He was gorgeous, ripped everywhere with a perfect ass and a 7 inch dick. He would strut around and you could hear his dick slap against his thighs. He was perfect.

One day, I got caught cheating on a test. He demanded that I would stay after school for a week, starting today, and work with him doing some random jobs. I groaned, for it was the last day before vacation. So my detention came. He threw me some work clothes and told me we would be cleaning out the equipment shed at the back of the football field. I groaned, but did as I was told. I changed and noticed that the shorts were way too tight. I told him this, but he told me to either wear those or just my underwear. I laughed and chose the tight shorts. We cleaned the shed, and he told me that we would be doing work like this for the rest of the detention sentence. I groaned. He said, “However there is one other way we can do this” I asked him “What is it? I’ll do anything!”. He replied “Would you have sex with me?” I eagerly responded “Yeah sure.” Before I knew it he had his pants off, showing an 8 inch hardon. He told me to get on my knees and suck. I did and worshipped the cock, running my lips over it and taking it all in. After he came in my mouth (I swallowed all of it) he told me to remove my clothes. Back then, I played football and baseball. I had a athletic build, and a 8.5 inch hardon. He turned me over, and took some lube (he had hid it behind a bag, and I didn’t see it). He slid his fingers in me and lubed me up, then shoved his dick in. I moaned in pleasure and jacked off as he pounded harder and harder. He reached over and whispered “Scream, you little bitch, I’m gonna cum. I screamed and he shot his load in my ass to the point that it was dripping for a while after. I reached over and made out with him and when we had finished, we dressed and went home.

I graduated that year. He clapped for me and licked his lips when I received the athletic award. Since I left, we have met a couple times in gay bars and have had sex every time. It just gets better and better.

Comments? E-mail me for new story ideas.

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